Story of a Waffle Wallah!

Often we try to strike a balance in life which most of the times leads to nowhere, but when it comes to food I have noticed mostly this striking balance thing has paid off pretty well. It is rather a part of the constant innovation and experimentation which is a vital part of this industry….

Feed The Hungry Project and story of a Kolkata girl!

With time every human being realizes the value of small little things in life and probably how lucky they are to have those elements in their lives. When we food bloggers go and cover restaurants or even humble eateries, we are somewhat unaware of or tend to overlook the flip side of the coin at…

‘Red Xpress’ – family restaurant with a touch of nostalgia!

There are eating joints which get hooked onto your memory even if you are not very conscious about that fact. I never realized (until last Saturday) that somehow or the other Red Xpress (located at Sector-V, Saltlake) has got a little special place in my head (or heart, maybe) for some not-so-well-defined reasons stitched to…

Top 4 food kiosks – in Quest Mall (Kolkata) food court!

Mall food courts are often a savior when you want to take a quick break in between those shopping sessions, maybe after a movie or to catch up with your group of friends. When you are on a move these food kiosks come very handy and can save your day, and your time of course….

Adda, Nostalgia, Fish Orley and Bijoligrill!

There are few good things still left in the life of Bengali mango-people that remind them of their childhood or adolescent days. With the rapid number of increasing eating joints and diminishing industries, values and safety quotient in the city, poor people (like me) tend to cling on to old memories that still make them…

Cook-out session with Masterchef Ranveer Brar, at Afra Tafri!

Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar was recently in Kolkata for an amazing afternoon cook-out session at Afra Tafri, the only Transitional Gastro Brew Pub of the city! He came here to introduce new dishes in the existing menu of Afra Tafri and he had derived all his inspirations from the local flavors that are produced in the city….

Special Raksha Bandhan gift hampers from ‘Velvetiine’

The sweetest part of India gets diabetic when it comes to festivals and celebrations! At times the refrigerator is not enough to store all the packets of sweets and chocolates you receive on such festive days! Bengalis love their mishti or sweet dish after every meal. That can be in any format, at least that…